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  • Teaching and Leadership


  • PK-6

Admission Requirements:

  • No Admission Requirements

Retention Requirements:

  • Based on Post Secondary Credential Requirements 

J.K. Haynes Teacher Prep and Leadership Academy

8600 Elm Grove Garden Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70807

(225) 922-5472

Focus Choice at J.K. Haynes plays a key role in addressing education's current and future needs, including but not limited to teachers, administrators, district personnel, curriculum designers, and other key players in the field of education.

A partnership with Louisiana State University and Southern University provides students will an essential link to the education field and allows for increased access to opportunities both in and out of the classroom. The program aims to develop and implement an instructional model that increases student awareness of their own leadership abilities and be reflective of their educational experiences. One goal of the program is to develop a pipeline of potential future educators who can bring about positive changes to their communities and state. 

J.K. Haynes is a project-based exploratory model in the education field, allowing students to experience various aspects of the teaching field though hands-on learning, inquiry-based instruction, and other innovative practices suggested by the school district and the post-secondary partners. Students, teachers, and university students will experience a laboratory school wherein they can experience and practice with pedagogies taught in the college classroom. 

Professional development, both at the district level and in partnership with the universities will ensure that teachers have the expertise and support to implement the program with fidelity. The universities will supply specialized support in educational practices including but not limited to training, program design, and field experience. Thereore, intensive professional development activities will take place continually for teachers and staff. 


Students will explore concentrations such as special education, middle school education, and secondary education concentrated in math, biology, chemistry, general science, social studies, English, K-12 music, and educational technology.

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