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Park Medical Academy

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The non-academic admissions program at Park Elementary will be designed as an inquiry and project-based exploratory model in health sciences providing students with the opportunity to experience various aspects of the medical field, including but not limited to forensics, medical technology, pharmaceutical, nursing, and clinical studies, which will serve as a catalyst for theme-based opportunities aligned with programs at the high school level.


As part of the Focus Choice Schools network, the program will prepare students to work in diverse health care fields while also preparing them to become proficient graduates of the Baton Rouge General Medical System in a discipline outlined in the agreement.  A partnership with the Baton Rouge General Medical System creates a strong foundation and an important link to the health care industry while helping students to develop and apply leadership, social, civic, and health care skills in a professional setting. It is also important for the district and school to explore the diverse and changing health care system of delivery to promote interest at the elementary level and to build capacity during the process.


The agreement with the Baton Rouge General Medical System will be divided into two phases: the first phase will begin with a PK-6 grade phase-in approach which will provide a year of planning for the district and the medical center to adjust and redefine the instructional process to meet the needs of students as they matriculate to high school. 


Students will have access to the wide multitude of resources that the hospital offers that will provide students with standard-based resources necessary to be successful in the medical field and to become work-force ready.

The Eva Legard Center for Coastal &

Environmental Studies

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This program will play a key role in addressing the current and future needs of the environmental industry, including but not limited to, environmental erosion, wetlands conservation, soil and native ecosystems, mitigation, and conservation efforts. 

The partnership with LSU will provide the specialized knowledge, skills, and resources to develop a rigorous, project-based outdoor model designed to engage students in a STEM-focused environment that will be replicated at the elementary level.  The goal of the program is to develop and implement an instructional model that increases student awareness of their environment from a scientific viewpoint and expand the pipeline of potential future scientists and researchers for industry, academia, and the government who are knowledgeable about the environmental issues and challenges in Louisiana.


The classroom field experiences and excursions are a district project-based model designed to promote the integration of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based instruction. Students will be introduced to fundamental problems, such as using renewable energy as a sustainable resource, requiring thematic, expeditionary, and exploratory learning practices taught by trained LSU teachers and staff.

Professional development, both at the district level and in partnership with LSU, is a crucial component to ensure that teachers have the expertise and support to ensure that the program is implemented with fidelity. The agreement with LSU and the Water Institute will include specialized support in environmental science, including but not limited to training, program design and field experience support. Therefore, intensive professional development activities, including but not limited to, curriculum development, enrichment activities and shared responsibility will begin no later than April 2022.

The a partnership with “LSU” will provide the “System” with specialized knowledge, skills and resources  to develop a rigorous, project-based outdoor model designed to engage students in a STEM-focused environment that will be replicated at the elementary level. 

Any student who graduates from high school with a 3.0 GPA and 19 core units would be guaranteed admission into the LSU freshman class. 

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