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Focus Choice Schools FAQ

What are Focus Choice schools?

Focus Choice Schools are designed to provide parents with a menu of options that expands the choice options currently offered by the district, focusing on the following principles:

  • Students will have an opportunity to choose programs centered around their interests;

  • Students will graduate from high school with an associate degree and a high school diploma ready for a demanding market;

  • Students will be ready, if they choose, to enter the workforce with high-level skills and knowledge to fill voids; and

  • Increasing the number of differentiated specialized programs in a vertically articulated model with a parallel focus with post secondary institutions or specialized industry partnerships.

What schools will be implemented for the 2022-2023 school year?

The two schools are the Eva Legarde Research Center for Coastal and Environmental Studies and Park Elementary Medical Academy.


What are the differences between Magnet Programs and Focus Choice Schools?

Although similar in nature, several schools in the magnet portfolio have academic admission requirement however, Focus Choice Schools are small, eco-models focusing on specialized themes on a smaller scale. The programs are heavily influenced by agreements with post-secondary institutions, hospitals, businesses, or industry who have created a personal stake in not only assisting the district with implementation, but also provided systemic, direct support for students and teachers.

What are the academic admission requirements for each model?

There are no admission requirements for each program; however its rigorous track and post-secondary credential requirements, students are required to maintain a minimal grade point average.


My child was selected for the program, but after the first year realized that the program may not fit their needs. What choice option will I have for my child? 

We understand that students’ academic needs vary, therefore, parents may apply for another program during the open application period


What if my child has already been selected and assigned to a program for the 2023-2024 school year?

As the district implements new programs, we also recognize that students who previously selected a program may opt for another choice that was not available at that time. To ensure that all students have an opportunity to select the program that is best fits their academic needs, parents will be allowed to apply for another school that their child is interested in during the open application period. Because this process is based on a board approved application process, students cannot be transferred to another program.


My child is currently enrolled in Park Elementary; however, I prefer another option rather than this model.  What other school will my child attend?

Students who are not interested in the specialized program at Park Elementary will be assigned to Capitol Elementary, which is less than a mile away. In addition, students may apply for a magnet program if the application period is open.


What types of electives will be available for students in the medical program at Park Elementary?

The exploratory model will ensure that students have opportunities to explore a multi-faceted program at Park Elementary. In addition, programs will be offered to meet students’ emotional and social needs, such as art, dance and thematic clubs.

Will Pre-Kindergarten students be allowed to participate in the program?

All students enrolled in Park Elementary will participate and be an integral part of the program and may remain in the program as a choice option. 

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